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Both shows are picking up!

Vincent Irizarry (David) had me in tears in his scenes with JR and Cara. Eden Riegel (Bianca) scene at Marissa's grave was also emotional.

Debbi Morgan (Angie) also did very well, as always. She's so real with her character.

A total of 3 gunshots (actually one) went off after the finale meaning JR killed Marissa and Tad. AJ asked Dixie Tuesday if she visit the hospital or the cementery. That, to me confirmed Tad is dead. I think Michael E. Knight has retired and doesn't plan on returning since he's in LA.

Kudos to AJ for knocking out Hunter. I don't see what Miranda sees in him. Sally?!? They couldn't give her a better name than that. I cried with laughter when I found out her name.

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