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I'm officially a fan of the new opening. I guess I have no choice but to love it since OLTL is back. I especially love Todd and Blair part.

I really feel bad for Dorian in this whole scandal situation. I actually hope she's innocent, which I believe she is in all of this, which means this will look bad for Viki and the Banner and it'll serve Jeffery right. I hated how he talked to her today just disrespectful (not to mention saying shit to her the other day). I just don't like him. I believe there's more to him. Maybe Viki will fire him when all of this cleared and she can rebuild. Dorian is clearly ready to go to war with Viki.

I enjoyed Todd and Blair. They still have that chemistry. They own today's episode. I love when Blair calls him a pathetic husband, lover and father. Blair comments on him being speechless. "There's nothing to say if it's true," Todd replies. Scene of the Week/Day.

Vimal is crazy in love with Rama and her feelings is the complete opposite. She wants to see other people and he agrees to it. I would've just told her to sleep with all of Llanview and be done with her. He doesn't deserve that. I hope he finds a woman that'll make Rama regret her open marriage decision. That's just unbelievable for their race (or any other) in my opinion.

Victor and Tea were great also. Tea revealing what happened to Victor Jr. was emotional. I also wonder who's watching them? I hope this tattoo story pays off.

Also intrigued with Cutter's story.

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