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May 2 2013, 12:47 AM
TBL: I haven't seen as many of those great scenes with Deidre lately. Will we be seeing more of those? I know Will is going through different things now but...

CM: Unfortunately, not as much as I would like. I love working with Deidre and I think it's kind of difficult because we've got Will at a place where he doesn't need as much therapy, in a way, but I do hope that they do go back to that if it's appropriate. I absolutely love working with her.

Marlena's complete absence from Will's baby drama has been glaring lately. Does she know anything about him signing away parental rights? She's barely been on lately and when she is it's just so she can be berated by John. Really baffling choice not to have her involved, given the universal acclaim of her and Will's scenes together last year. And I think it's just Chandler's way of diplomatically trying to make sense of the poor choice, but Will certainly doesn't need to be going to "therapy" to have scenes with his grandmother.

And Chandler's submission choice is going to get him a second consecutive win. No one else in his category has anything nearly as good as those scenes.
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