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I don't know, nuLulu is starting to grow on me. I guess I'm alone in that opinion! :D

Carly and AJ, :roflol: throw Monica in and it was even funnier!

I always enjoy Laura's scenes with her kids. Genie has just got that maternal thing going.

I get Dante's desperation and I also get Lulu's need for space. The person I need to buzz off is Milo. Max is right, Sonny will blow his stack if he finds out that Milo is involving himself in this.

Maxie and Ellie, ugh! So Maxie thinks she's doing everyone a favor by lying about the baby? And is she really going to hand off her own biological child to Lante? I'm sorry but I cannot picture Spixie producing a child that looks ANYTHING like a Spencer/Falconari/Corinthos!
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