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Sweet and Salty

The Scorpion
May 2 2013, 03:41 PM
May 2 2013, 02:50 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep[bI just wish that if the HAVE to write for Ejami together that they would have kept them on back burner forever...I can't stand the sight of these two and
the fact that he becomes another character around her and he's all of a sudden the 'Good guy' vs Nick 'bad guy' is just WRONG.still don't know how to write Ej and that's why he's this jumbled mess.

Putting him with Sami is a mistake imo because he lacks the wicked charisma that really made him shine. Ej as the altruistic 'good guy' eager to help out Will, Sonny and Sami and go after 'wicked' Nick reads wrong for me too.

As far as trying to take down Stefano as a 'flip side' seems juvenile considering Ej has many of his own past mistakes. It doesn't come off dark when it's rooted in Ej basically pouting 'Father shouldn't have hurt my feelings'.
I think Stefano and Ej make a compelling team. I like it when these men are written as power players against this little town of Salem. The fun is in the disagreement of ways to achieve their ends. But, they should have each others backs and celebrate sly victories.

The Ej we see now is no longer a guy set apart from the pack and he's too happily domesticated to fill Stefano's shoes so I have little interest in his plan to take down his father as an attempt to keep his bad boy image intact.
and taking down his father does not make him a bad boy at all....actually if Ej takes down Stefano I'll be so pissed because that honor should have gone to John Black...who as a Dimera and Stefano's brother, could have easily taken over DE when he came back after being paralized...but this show's hard on for Ej and their lack of consistency in writing his character will prove in the end to be the character's downfall....
I can't imagine that they would actually allow Ej to be successful in taking down Stefano. The kid is no match for the master. That's why it already bores me before it's begun. And you are right, to make it a truly compelling story let's have one of his enemies take a real go at it. Salem has plenty to choose from, but Marlena is my personal favorite.
What I believe is that they setting EJ up to become a modern power player and I actually think EJ will take Stefano down. The new generation of DiMeras are the ones who will rule Salem in the future and the fights about power will come from siblings aka Kristen and also Chad. And I am absolutely convinced that we will see a ruthless EJ when it comes to business.
If Mr. Mascola is wanting to retire, I'm all for this!! Go writers!!! EJ, Kristen, Chad...it could be awesome!!
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