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May 2 2013, 03:22 PM
EJ wants Johnny to be happy. As he told Sami, Johnny loves that FBI jacket, and Rafe promised to get him a new one. If Rafe was as good a guy as he professes to be, he would have gotten the jacket already. When EJ mentioned it, it seemed to me that Rafe had not even thought about it since Johnny asked him to get a new one. Rafe was extra smug today, but EJ didn't respond to his digs. He only wanted Johnny to be happy.

EJ and Sami have both acknowledged that they made huge mistakes in dealing with their children. That's something they will have to live with, but it doesn't mean that they have to continue to hurt each other or their children. And admitting and discussing their mistakes with each other doesn't mean they're required to justify or explain or apologize for those shortcomings to Rafe, or to anyone else for that matter.

Loved the Nick and Nick/Sam scenes. Blake knows how to play crazy.
Great post and imagine if you couldn't stick up for people who you hurt in the past. That would be the end of Team Will, for example.

I'm on ship No EJafe interaction. It was pretty disappointing when those two picked up where they left off, today.

I see that Kate has completely rewritten state history. I only wish someone was around to tell her she'd still be in Stefano's bed if he hadn't thrown her out of it.

Cameron and Abby were pretty boring today, but Cameron's money issues are making him more interesting as a character.

Vargas continues to become greater by the episode. It was weird that Nicole asked Brady to look into Vargas' background, though. Why not go to Rafe?

Hopefully Eric knows Nicole well enough that he won't ignore her concerns about Vargas.

I wish EJefano would repair their relationship, but this story could be good as long as Stefano isn't written out. It's just too bad Lexie and Tony aren't around to be a part of this story.
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