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Viewing Single Post From: Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 4/29
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May 2 2013, 05:48 PM
May 2 2013, 03:43 PM
May 1 2013, 05:10 PM
Forbidden Love:
Ha! Love it! EJ busted a move 4 Sami as he went out the door. Did u know he was gonna do that, @Ali_Sweeney? @IamJamesScott @nbcdays #EJami

Alison Sweeney:

@FL_EJami_Fans he told me he was gonna do 'something'... But yeah, that was v v surprising. #Days

:lol: loved his booty shake, WTG James :wub2:
OMG! My co-workers and I laughed our asses off at that girlie wiggle of his.....little tea pot all the way! That was hilarious but I don't think he intended it to be. That looked nothing like the masculine moves of the men who comprised StripDays. I will take any of the others over the effimate one that is Junior.
It was obviously a joke and not a serious attempt by James to be sexy. He has admitted in the past that he is not the next Danny Terrio and is not ashamed to admit it. As for the other studly men, GG seems to be embarassed of his performance as he had all the smooth moves of a frog in a blender and he was supposed to be coming off as Sexy. :blulaugh: . I almost choked on my lunch during that debacle.
I agree. EJ was totally making fun while doing it, and that's why it was adorkable.

GG said he was going for Rafe being uncomfortable. I thought more like RIDICULOUS. Rafe looked even more douchey doofus than normal.

And as much as the Tan Creeper bugs me, he was AMAZING. I could watch that gif all night. :blulaugh:
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