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May 2 2013, 07:38 PM
May 2 2013, 03:22 PM
EJ wants Johnny to be happy. As he told Sami, Johnny loves that FBI jacket, and Rafe promised to get him a new one. If Rafe was as good a guy as he professes to be, he would have gotten the jacket already. When EJ mentioned it, it seemed to me that Rafe had not even thought about it since Johnny asked him to get a new one. Rafe was extra smug today, but EJ didn't respond to his digs. He only wanted Johnny to be happy.

EJ and Sami have both acknowledged that they made huge mistakes in dealing with their children. That's something they will have to live with, but it doesn't mean that they have to continue to hurt each other or their children. And admitting and discussing their mistakes with each other doesn't mean they're required to justify or explain or apologize for those shortcomings to Rafe, or to anyone else for that matter.

Loved the Nick and Nick/Sam scenes. Blake knows how to play crazy.
Based on what has occured between Rafe and Sami/EJ with them moving in together with their children,I can see how Rafe would not want to intrude by rushing over with the jacket for Johnny until Sami,their mother,or EJ,their father,indicated it was okay for him to do so.Has anyone noticed that it was Rafe who attempted to limit his contact with Sami at the strip club but she told him to wait so she could talk to him.EJ apporached Rafe who tried to leave atleast twice but EJ stopped him.He has told them congratulation and moved on,they are the ones trying to keep him in their orbit not the other way around.Why can't they be happy and leave Rafe the "F" alone.
When Johnny mentioned the jacket to Rafe, Rafe was more concerned about finding out why Sami brought the kids to the pub for a sleepover. He probably didn't even remember discussing it with Johnny. He's certainly never worried before about intruding with EJ or Sami concerning the kids, so I don't think that he's suddenly become Mr. Thoughtful.

I'm pretty sure that Rafe is the one who approached Sami at the strip club. And EJ had a specific reason for talking to Rafe today: trying to make Johnny happy.....if not for that, I doubt that EJ would spend one second talking to Rafe.
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