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I'm still turning red at the Vargas/Nicole scenes, such a humiliation! I think her fear of him is more about Eric finding out than her fearing for her life. I mean she's dealt with EJ before and she came out on top. She knew EJ. Vargas is an unknown entity and did just come out of ten year stint in prison for goodness knows what, so to me I understand her lack of assertiveness with him (doesn't mean I like though).this thing with Eric is sure making her act out of character because this is the very sort of challenge she would never back out of. The real Nicole is the one who threatened Vargas in the end, if Eric gets hurt (and he will) all bets are off and honestly I can't wait.

Vargas using Nicole's calling out Eric's name in the throws of passion is the stupidest thing ever, whoever said this earlier was right, Nick is this show's truest villain, not only does he scare the pants off some of this characters but he makes viewers almost as equally nervous by just watching him on screen. He don't mess around that one and that's how I like my villains.
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