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May 3 2013, 01:50 AM
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Well, I really don't know what Chad is because... I couldn't really say "the snarky douche" lol. And of course there's no "someone new" but there really should be. And even if there isn't, you know it was JUST LIKE the promos of old to throw the possibility in there in the promo just to keep the audience off kilter. lol
Ha! So true. And because NBC Daytime, or at least Days, just can't do bad boys well, I would agree that Chad is the closest thing they have to a bad boy at the moment. It's certainly not EJ (regrettably).
Hey, he wears leather jackets a lot, so that has to count for something right?
Compared to EJ...I concur.
Those giddy EJ animations in the GIFs thread make me sick.
This character has taken a terrible turn lately. He is unrecognizable from his deliciously dark, sinister, gloved origin back in the day.
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