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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: David Cherrill

Segment 1: Repeat of Sami opening her gift and Kate hoping she likes the colour. Sami - What is this? Kate - An 8 millimeter. Sami - Kate, are you insane? Kate - Sami! Come on. You have to admit it's the perfect gift for someone marrying into the DiMera mansion. Sami - I know what you're doing Kate and frankly it's a little pathetic. In fact if I actually cared for you, I'd feel sorry for you. Kate - All I've done is give you a gift. Sami - Are you serious? What happened to you? You used to believe in romance and marriage and true love. And that's the truth, EJ and I actually love each other. Kate - Okay. I'm not even going to begin to challenge that delusion. Just accept the weapon, say thank you. My granddaughter lives in that house so there's a child safety lock; make sure you use it. Sami - No I won't use it. I don't want your present. Kate - There are other people coming in and out of that house besides your precious EJ. Maybe you don't need to defend yourself against him, not yet, but there is Stefano, there are his mistresses and his minions and the countless enemies he has made over the years. Believe me, a woman needs to always protect herself. Sami - I don't need protection.

Repeat of Abby suggesting they make their own special dessert. Cam - How hungry are you? Abby - Starving.

Brady is outside the coffeehouse on his cell. You're the one I'm counting on to get the job done. Just tell them Brady Black won't take no for an answer. That should do it. Get back to me. Brady gets a call from Daniel. He wants to confirm that Daniel and Jennifer are going to stand up for them at the wedding. I know Kristen appreciates it as much as I do. Everything is going well. I just have one more invitation to hand out in person.

Eric - What do you mean Vargas isn't who I think he is. What's going on? Nicole recalls Vargas's end of the phone call she overheard. Eric - Did that guy do something to you? Nicole - No. It wasn't like that. The stuff you walked in on was totally consentual. And there was only kissing. I swear nothing else happened. Eric - Why don't we stick to why Vargas is not who he seems to be. Nicole - I'm sorry. You're right. Stay on point. It's just that you have this prison release program and you're good name is attached to it and sometimes people will take advantage. Eric - Vargas. Okay, what happened to make you think that? Nicole recalls Vargas asking her what Fr Eric would think about her calling out his name during sex. Eric - Nicole, is there something I should know about Vargas because if there is I want you to tell me.

Gabi returns home and asks Maggie if Nick is home. Yes, he's up in your room. Nick is frantically searching for the money Vargas gave him that Sami stole. He empties his briefcase and throws it across the room. He's practically hyperventilating ... Where's the damn money! Nick is tearing the room apart. Where the hell can it be? 30 thousand dollars doesn't just disappear. Oh God. Somebody was here. They stole it and now they're going to pay.

Rafe - Look at you. You're coming off a little bit insecure. Come on man. You already gave her the ring. You moved her into the mansion and all I have to do is mention the fact that Sami and I talked and you're freaking out. EJ - You're completely misinterpreting this as usual. Rafe - Just so you don't misinterpret I'm going to tell you the exact same thing I told her which is I'm done. I'm out. I am gone for good. If hell freezes over I still want nothing to do with Sami Brady. Clear enough.

Segment 2: Nicole - Actually I shouldn't have said anything. It's just a feeling I had. Eric - Does that feeling have anything to do with that little romance that flared up between you and Vargas. Nicole - What I was going to say is not important. Alright fine, I've already humilated myself and I'm sure you think poorly of me, so I'm going to just say it ... Brady comes in. He didn't mean to interrupt. He'd like a few minutes with Eric. Eric - Nicole was just about to tell me something so if you'd give us a few minutes ... Nicole - It's okay. It really wasn't that important.

Cam asks Abby if she ever worked in a restuarant. Yes, one day. The day he helped Caroline at the Brady Pub. It wasn't work, it was more just fun. Cam worked at a restaurant when he was at college. It helped him pay off his tuition. It's funny how bill's never stop coming. He gets a call. No, not tonight. Sorry. Abby recalls his strip act. That was the club. They want you to come in tonight.

Maggie is showing pictures of Allie in the garden to Gabi. Nick comes down. Gabi tells him what she was doing. Maggie adds that she was showing Gabi pictures of Allie's visit today. Wanna see? Nick - Lucas was here? Maggie - Yeah, he and Sami brought Allie over for a visit so I was showing off the garden. Nick notices that Sami isn't in any of the pictures. Maggie - She was starved so she stayed inside and ate. I guess she must have gotten a call from the office because she was gone when we came back inside. Gabi - Are you okay? Nick - I'm totally fine. There's just something important that I have to do. I'll see you guys later.

Kate - Someday you're going to thank me for this little gift. I'm never wrong about these things you know. Sami scoffs. Kate - I can testify that when I lived in the DiMera mansion hardly a day went by that I didn't wish I had a gun or a bazooka or a flame thrower. Sami - EJ isn't Stefano. Kate - And you're not me. Things tend to go wrong in that house. Get yourself an egg timer. See how long it takes. Sami - Just take this damn thing with you. Kate - It's a gift. Best wishes. Just try not to shoot your future husband again. Kate leaves.

EJ - Look at you, so vehement that Samantha is out of your life. Rafe - You wanted a straight answer. EJ doesn't think he got one. I'm not sure if you're lying to yourself or to me; it doesn't really matter. I do understand that you and Samantha will always have some sort of connection as you were married. Rafe - Keep talking ... all night if you want ... but I'm out of here. EJ - When is Johnny getting his FBI jacket. He asks about it everyday and I know you don't want him to think your promises don't mean anything. Rafe - Just keep the kids out of this. EJ - I wish I could but no I can't because they love you and admire you. So please don't punish them to get back at Samantha. Rafe - I would never do that. EJ - Are you leaving Salem anytime soon. Rafe - No. EJ - It looks like you're going to be around my family for the forseeable future. Fair warning, do not make me out to be some sort of bad guy in my son's eyes. Rafe - I'm sure that Johnny is capable of seeing that all by himself.

Segment 3: Cam - There's a bachlorette party going down and they're short a guy and they wanted me there. They'll find someone else. Abby - Are you sure? Cam - Well that phone call sure spoiled things. Abby - No it's fine. Cam - It seems like you moved 3 ft away. We were doing great. Why did that phone call change everything? Abby - I'm still ... okay ... I'm out with a guy right now who has women pawing at him 3-4 nights a week and pushing bills into his pants and I get that it's just your job ... but ... never mind. Cam - You're right. These women get worked up and crazy and throw themselves at me but if I wanted to be with any of them I wouldn't be here with you. Silence. Cam makes a call to the strip club to tell them he won't be coming in anymore. I'm done. It's final. I'm out of the dancing game.

Nicole has some errands to run. Eric tells Brady he's supposed to hear confessions now. Brady suggests that they meet in the pub in an hour. Nicole stops Brady from leaving. I never got to congratulate you on your engagement. Brady - You mean warn me ... I know how you feel about Kristen. Nicole - No. Kristen gave me a break. There's no way I'm going to bad mouth her. And damn it - you went with your heart. I'm happy for you, both of you. Brady - Thank you. Nicole - How did your Dad ... sorry ... congratulations and best wishes to Kristen. Brady - What do you want? You're giving me all these kind words. We're friends; just ask me. Nicole - It's personal. Do you know Vargas? Brady - I met him a couple of times. Nicole - I need you to check him out privately. No one else can know.

EJ - Johnny knows I love him. Rafe - Of course. You love all your possessions. EJ - There is one thing we have in common and that is that I don't give a damn about you and you don't seem to give a damn about me. Rafe - That's actually the first honest thing you've said since we've been standing here. EJ - It is a bit of a mystery to me why you're disappointed that Samantha and I are engaged. Rafe - No, you see, you both deserve what you're going to get. I've moved on. If you guys want to get married you should. Anytime, anywhere ... in fact I know a couple of judges ... I could pull some strings ... you want to do it say ... tonight? I'm there for you. EJ - I was thinking of something a little more romantic but I'll be sure to pass on your good wishes to my bride to be. Rafe - Please do. EJ - And the FBI jacket. Rafe - I'll be in touch.

Sami puts the gun in her drawer as she talks on the phone. She grabs the money she stole and stuffs it in her purse. Nick comes in and slams the door behind him. Surprise!

Segment 4: Abby - Call them back. You need the money; you can't quit. Cam - There's other ways to make money. The loans are almost paid off. Maybe I'll wait a few tables or bus, I'll be fine. Not so long ago I was a jerk about you and how you feel; now that's all I care about, is how you feel.

Kate is walking through the park when Stefano calls out her name. I see that you are alone.

Rafe is visiting Gabi at the Kiriakis mansion. They talk about the baby. Rafe - I saw a Nick today. Gabi - Is that why you came? Let's not start with Nick, please. Rafe - I just wanted to make sure my little sister is taken care of, that's all. Gabi - Everything is fine thank's to Nick. Rafe - That's funny because the last time we spoke you said he had done something that had upset you. Gabi - That's ancient history. Let's not talk about it. He's been nothing but wonderful to me. Rafe - Where is Mr. Wonderful right now?

Nick - Where is it? Sami - Where is what? Nick - You know damn well what I'm talking about. Sami - Sorry, I really have no idea what you're talking about but I do have to get going. I have a babysitter at home and I don't want to make her mad. When you have a baby at home you're learn how important it is to keep your babysitter happy. Nick - You came to the Kiriakis mansion today. Sami - Yeah. Lucas and I went to give Allie a chance to visit with Maggie. Nick - Except you stayed in the house and Lucas and Maggie took Allie outside. Sami - So. Nick - So you slipped upstairs and went into our room. Sami - Why would I do that? Nick - I don't know but I'm going to find out. Maybe I'll talk to Sonny because he was the one with the lame excuse for getting me out of the house. Sami starts opening her drawer. Do you have a problem with Sonny? Nick - You went into our room and you took something that wasn't yours. Sami - Now you're totally out of line. Nick - You've still got it and I'm not going anywhere until you give it back.

Vargas walks up to the rectory door and hears Brady say - I'm still not clear as to why you want me to dig into his life. This Vargas guy, what has he done? Nicole - It's not one thing in particular. I want to protect Eric. Eric is too trusting and Vargas is too sinful (???) for my blood. Brady - Okay, that's good enough for me. I'm all about protecting my brother. I'll see what I can find out. Nicole thanks him; he leaves. Vargas comes in and slams the door behind him.

Segment 5: Abby and Cam prepare their desserts. The chef comes over. I knew from the ingredients you asked for that you could only be making a Sundae Spooncake. They tell the chef it was an absolutely amazing meal. Thank you so much. Abby feeds Cam some dessert. The chef asks to try it. Fantastic! You're hired. Cam - It's the perfect end to a perfect meal. Chef - You may have noticed that I'm a perfectionist about food. You want to know what I've noticed? This lady is someone you want to hold on to. He leaves. Cam - He took the words right out of my mouth.

Vargas - Sorry I slammed the door. Nicole - No you're not. You heard me ask Brady to check you out now you're pissed and if this wasn't a church you'd probably have me up against a wall punching me or something. Vargas - Whoa Nicole. Let's not turn this into some kind of weird fantasy. I'm not that kind of guy and you of all people should know that. Nicole - Oh I know who you are. Vargas - I may not be Mr. Perfect but seriously, there's no need to turn on me like this. Nicole - I heard you. I know. Vargas - Know what? That I'm doing something wrong? Name it. You can't, can you? And the last thing I'm going to do is hurt Fr Eric. Nicole - Take your hypocrite act somewhere else ... he grabs her. You're going to call your friend Brady and tell him to forget the investigation otherwise Fr Eric gets to hear all your dirty secrets.

Brady tells Eric the ceremony is all ready to go. Eric - I wish you nothing but the best. Brady - Thanks. It didn't occur to me to ask you to officiate let alone stand up for us. Not that I wouldn't like that; there's just a lot of complications right now. Eric - My mother being on top of that list. Brady - I know we're just steps but I always think of you as a brother. Eric - Likewise. Brady - I would like to have you at my wedding. Not to officate, not to stand up for me, just to be there. How do you feel about that?

Kate - Where's Cecily or did she come to her senses and leave you? Stefano - Cecily will be flying in from Singapore very soon. Kate - Then she's not as smart as I thought she was otherwise she would have left an ocean between you. Stefano - And you? Where's the man you're supposed to be with? Kate - What makes you think I have a man in my life? Stefano - Come on, you don't think you can keep something like that from me, do you? Ah, my dear, you are always behind the curve. He walks away.

Gabi - He had some errands to run. You put a lot of pressure of him. Rafe - The way I see it he puts a lot of pressure on himself and on you. Gabi - He works 'til very late, he gets up early and I know he hasn't been sleeping well. I just know that things will get better eventually. The pressure ... Rafe - Is going to get worse. Gabi - Then we'll deal. Just stop. Rafe - I was talking to Nick earlier and I brought up Will's name and I saw him tense up. Not good. Gabi - Yes, okay. I know that things between Nick and Will are not that good but I think once the baby is born things will get better. I know they will. Rafe - Did it ever occur to you that Nick's not giving you the whole story about Will? Maggie comes in with a tray. I just love having tea in the evening. So does Gabi. I was just telling Rafe here how wonderful it's going to be once the baby is born.

Sami tells Nick to calm down, relax. Maybe you should go home, see Gabi. Nick grabs her purse. Give it to me or it's going to get real ugly. Sami tries to stop him from getting her purse. EJ rushes in and gets between them. Nick - What are you going to do, call security? EJ - You're going to wish I called security.

Segment 6: Cam kisses Abigail goodnight at the front door. Abby asks if he wants to come in. Cam has to be at the hospital at 6am. I had a great night tonight. Instead of the dessert he's going to take home a sweet memory. They kiss again. He leaves.

Eric - I've got to admit that I'm a bit surprised. Brady - That I'd want you at my wedding? Eric - No but like you said, if I did attend there could be lots of complications. Let me think about it. Brady - Of course. Eric - I haven't forgotten how Kristen showed kindness towards Nicole or how you opened up to me about your failed marriage. Being there, there would be value for me too. Brady - I'll put you down for a maybe. Considering where we were a month ago, this isn't such a bad place for us to be. Eric - I was thinking the same thing. You know what, I'm going to go say hi to my grandmother in the kitchen. Brady gets a call from Nicole. She tells him she changed her mind about him checking on Vargas. He asks why she changed her mind. Nicole - You know me, playing mother hen, getting all protective of Eric. Brady - We should trust him to know what he's doing. Nicole - Right.

After the call she asks Vargas - Satisfied. Vargas - For now but if Fr Eric or anyone else comes around asking too many questions I'll know who the rat was and oh am I going to have a story to tell. He gets really sarcastic and imitates her in bed calling out Eric's name. He laughs. Have a nice life. Nicole - Hold on there Vargs.

Gabi goes into their room and sees stuff thrown all over the place.

Nick - Sami, please give it to me. I'm begging you. EJ pushes him out the door. Sami, the thief, is so glad EJ is here. She wants to go home. Nick scared me. I just kept thinking deny it, deny it, deny it. EJ - Did it work. Sami - He almost got his 30 thousand dollars back. EJ - Almost is not the same as getting it. Sami - He knows I have it. EJ - He doesn't know anything. He's just desperate. Sami - Don't you think that makes him more dangerous. EJ - You're forgetting, the Nick Fallon situation is almost over. Sami - You're right. EJ has a meeting. He'll get someone from security to take her home. Sami insists she's fine. She'll go home on her own. EJ - Try not to get in anymore trouble. He leaves. Sami pulls out the gun.

Segment 7: Eric has returned. Was that Kristen on the phone? Brady - No it was Nicole. It wasn't too long ago that I was really, really worried about her. I didn't think she'd be able to straighten her life out but since hooking up with the church, she's doing really well. You've had quite an affect on her.

Nicole - Simple warning Vargas. You do any little thing to hurt Eric and your happy little place, the rectory, will be over. I repeat, you can tattle-tale all you want but I will bring you down. I will make it happen. I'm watching you. Clear? Vargas - I guess then we'll be watching each other. He leaves.

Nick comes into their room and sees Gabi packing. What's with the suitcase? Gabi - Nick, you're going to tell me what's going on or I'm leaving.

Rafe joins Kate at a table somewhere. Finally! Talk about a place that's off the beaten path. Why did you want to come here? Well, you're looking awful serious. What's going on. Kate - You already know. I'm going to tell you anyway. This thing we've had for the last few months is over.

Sami is in the sqaure. She watches as Stefano meets up with someone. She stomps over in their direction.

EJ sits down. I imagine my call came as something of a surprise to you so I will get straight to the point. I need your help with a rather delicate matter. Over the next few months I'm intending on bringing about the complete and total destruction of Stefano DiMera.
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