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May 3 2013, 08:55 AM
May 3 2013, 08:26 AM
Thanks Angie!

I'm smelling a set up for everyone to believe EJ tries to have Lunk killed. But the conversation EJ had with Rafe yesterday belies this deep, abiding jealousy. He pressed Rafe about the stupid FBI jacket for Johnny. He admitted that his children love Rafe. So I think the story is studded with a few red herrings. I think Nick the psycho is the one who has Rafe beaten unless Vargas gets in on it.

Not looking forward to MORE Dannifer angst in the form of Jack's son. But I would love to see Chabby become a couple.

I know he won't but I would love Wednesday's title to be "Rafe Dies" as well.
I posted this in the May 6 spoilers. The actor who plays Jensen tweeted about his character beating someone up and included a pic of GG/Rafe. Jensen is the guy who brought the $30,000 to Vargas this week. Seems logical that he is working for either Nick/Vargas or both when he attacks Rafe.....and I don't think his bad deeds stop there. ;)
Interesting. My first thought was that Rafe's beating would have some kind of Nick/Vargas connection. I wonder why Vargas would have Rafe beat up though, because it doesn't seem like Rafe really knows anything about Vargas yet. Maybe he's just trying to motivate Nick by showing him that he can hurt people that Gabi cares about??
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