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May 3 2013, 11:41 AM
My problem with Kristen is that her motives or goals weren't revealed soon enough. Even so, they weren't even truly HINTED at enough to build the needed anticipation for their reveal. Moreover, the entire plan it just weak, weak, WEAK! If Kristen truly blames John and Marlena for her prior emotional collapse and TRULY wanted to exact some sort of revenge, she should've been working behind the scenes all along to destroy them and makes their lives hell for every angle. KRISTEN should've been behind John's frame up and financial troubles. She should've done something to cost Marlena her medical license. She could've seduced Brady, or she could've set up Brady with a new woman who was supposed to lure him back to drugs yadda yadda who then falls for Brady, but can't get out of her scheme with Kristen. Belle should've come back and Kristen should've targeted her. And Kristen should have a near obsessive interest in "brother" EJ. Kristen should almost treat him as a son and should, in private, actually refer to him as "John Jr." and pull strings whenever possible to get EJ everything he wants because, in her mind, he's still her son. As it is now, she's merely a horny cougar banging her former almost-step-son just to go "neener neener" to her ex and his wife. lol
Holy God how I wish that were the story. Everything you said is exactly what this story should've been. I literally got chills reading it...I'd be on the edge of my seat watching it. Kristen responsible for the financial issues with John....that should've crossed over with the writing change. That's freaking brilliant. And YES at Kristen treating EJ as a son...calling him John Jr. That would be creepy as shit but make SO much sense. The stakes aren't Kristen Blake esque enough for me but you, my friend, just said what could've and should've been.

Days of our could've been lives.
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