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Viewing Single Post From: Friday, May 3rd Daily Discussion
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It was all about Justin today! Loved the laugh and the continuation of the laugh! I've missed him and those flash of dimples. I liked the look he had in his eye at the thought of being the one to help bring down the mighty Stefano too. I don't think it will happen, but it sure will be fun to see Justin involved in this.

Oh go ahead and break up already. Do we really need to go into a big discussion over what was plainly just sexual gratification for both involved parties? Kate can feel blue she's not getting it from a hot guy half her age but to go all weepy makes me nauseous. It's sex not the loss of your long time love. Besides I'm sure next week the writers will have them hit the sheets one more time before Rafe gets whacked in the head just to ensure Kate's guilt over his injuries. Spare us this dribble.

I'm so glad to finally see Gabi giving Nick that look of apprehension. About time!

Adrienne and Sami's barbs were also a highlight.

Hey Rafe you decided to finally join the party and figure out what's going on with Nick and Will. Amazing detective work for a cop who has been clueless for months now. :eyeroll: What a disappointment his character has become.
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