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The best part of the show today was Justin's laughter. Hysterical! Loved him wiping his eyes as he continued to laugh until he finally saw that EJ was being serious.

Sami whining to EJ about Stefano having power over them and her son. Well guess what, take a look in the mirror, because you're the idiot who gave him that power. She continues to prove each and every day how stupid she really is. And boy did EJ change his tune ... when he was manipulating Sami into moving into the mansion he told her that Stefano would do this favour for her out of the goodness of his heart because she's family. Now it's 'Oh we've always known that Stefano only looks out for Stefano.'

Really enjoyed the Rafe / Kate scenes. Rafe knows exactly why she's calling it off. I'm glad he was a gentleman and didn't push her to change her mind.

Loved the way Adrienne talked about how disgusting Sami and EJ are - she's right on the mark!
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