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Update May 3

Corbin Bernson

Heading to Vancouver for a new season of Psych. As you can imagine my stomach is somewhat in knots. But know that your kind words and abundance of love for both myself and my mother have helped me through the night and into today - and to some degree - in letting go. "Let go, let God" my mother often says. That is my battle right now. Maybe soaring in the clouds this morning will help, I often closer to my faith up there, above the bounds of earth. The funny thing about what's going on with my mom is that, while she is gravely ill, and at an advanced age, and will certainly be less of what "she was," nobody has come out and said flat out that she is eminently terminal. Some of these things can be overcome and that's why I've been reporting on these miraculous turns. That is the metaphoric "Purgatory" I spoke about yesterday, that place of between here and there, waiting for the hand to swing one way or the other pointing us in a certain direction. All the while, the efforts to even overcome the current obstacles are so... intrusive, horrifying, that I'm not sure about the battle. Again, metaphorically - the boxer still has fight and a potential to win (for the short term only - his title will certainly be taken away sooner or later), but he's still there sitting in a corner, bloody, unrecognizable, and his will to come out swinging isn't diminished. That is what it's like. So letting go, is more difficult. Unless, and I just came to this through this writing... hmmmm. is that "letting go" is letting go of all of it! Wow. I'll take to the air and somewhere above the clouds think on that. Again, I can't tell you how much I love you guys for being here for us and your generosity.

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