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May 2 2013, 10:31 AM
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Sami is a cheater....I consider making out with a man cheating, especially if you wanted the making out to lead to sex which was the case with her and Rafe in 2010, when she was engaged to EJ. Then she cheated on Rafe with EJ...she's a lost cause....

In the end, one who becomes a cheater can cheat at any time...just like she cheated on Ej with Rafe and Rafe with EJ, she can continue to do that now that she's officially a cheater.....
I wasn't aware there is such a defined, black and white set of rules when it comes to 'being a cheater'.

It seems to me that circumstances more likely dictate whether someone will cheat more than anything else. I disagree that once someone cheats it opens a floodgate that guarantees a repeat of that behavior any time the opportunity presents itself.

For example, Hope slept with Patrick several years ago while still married to Bo. Does that mean she's a sure bet to cheat again? (You know...if he were actually around...) Or how about Marlena? She clearly cheated on Roman with John...does that mean she'd jump at the chance to cheat on John?
Hope/Patrick is a bad example. Hope only slept with Patrick after finding Bo & Billie in bed together & getting emails from Bo (or at least she thought they were from Bo) saying that he wanted a divorce. I wouldn't consider them having sex on the beach as "Hope cheating on Bo".
Well, first of all...........I never considered THAT type of cheating. I just meant as in a game. Dang, I didn't want to start another Sami versus the world discussion.

Second, back to the other cheating..........I don't understand why Hope and Marlena would be exempt. Cheating is cheating. Whether your feelings are hurt or not. Cheating is when you are in a committed or legal relationship and you fling around. Doesn't matter if you caught them first.

Back to your regularly scheduled "World of Sami". :blulaugh:
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