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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of May 13th
camera shy

May 3 2013, 05:05 PM
Sami doesn`t even care about Everett hurting her. So I doubt her caring about him hurting Rafe. I mean he had Rafe caged in the Dimera basement for months and she didn`t give a hoot-n-holler. I doubt that junior`s responsible though cause he doesn`t have the balls to do it. But I`m sure he has enough lipstick/face powder/other cosmetic accessories to put up a good fight if the need warrants.
And if I were stefano, i`d throw ej out on his ass. Really why is he turning on stefano? It`s funny how stefano is always considered `father` when ej`s NOT with Samanther. But when he`s with her stefano isn`t worthy. Junior without a doubt is a fair weather son.
At the time she gave a damn about what Stefano and EJ did to Rafe and she slapped EJ across the face and told him what they had allowed fakeRafe to do to her was rape. And to put Ejami together as a couple they had to have them forgive each other for past crimes, but I don't see Sami ever laughing and gleefully going along with anything ever on this show that involves hurting Rafe or Lucas for that matter.
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