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This is honestly the first episode I haven't ff since at least the Daysaster (and I may have ff parts of that).

I don't know if you can actually give Gabi credit for noticing how crazy Nick is because he trashed their bedroom when she didn't notice at the other 1000x he was certifiable. She reminded me of me and my old boyfriend when I would pack one shirt in a suitcase and threaten to leave just so he would beg me to stay. But I guess no one is on this board to hear about my dysfunctional love life. Anyway...

I hate Rafe. And by hate I mean if he left the show I would buy a piņata and a helium tank for the party. Speaking of piņatas can't wait until his beatdown. I digress...I actually enjoyed the Rate scenes today a little. Rafe wasn't as condescending as usual and I thought Kate did a great job showing her emotion without overdoing it. They did, however, seem a little more emotionally attached during their breakup than they ever did while they were together.

Like everyone else LOVED EJ and Justin! Justin's laugh was great. I especially like the nod to the Dimera/Kirakis history. I can't even imagine how much I'm going to love them working together. I think this was definitely a win from the writing team pairing these two and honoring the history between these power families.

OMG EJAMI! I love them everytime they are on of course. They could be microwaving frozen pizzas together and I would be glued to the screen to be honest. But the scheming in bed is so damn hot! Days is truly staying true to the core of these two characters. Scheming in bed, being turned on by killing and defeating Stefano, and talking about Nick- that is who Sami and EJ are! This is why people love these two characters because they aren't particularly good people, but they are hot, sexy, and good tv! EJ hasn't changed who he is just because he got Sami. He still accepts and loves the real Sami. He doesn't want the watered down, dull Sami (aka Sami, the Safe years).

Sami: "That's how I get all my information"
EJ: Go on

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