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May 3 2013, 10:48 PM
kisToday was a great show. I really enjoyed the birth of Ejustin. Very promising duo. I am exciting about the upcoming storyline aka operation taking Stephano Dimera down. I am rooting for team Ejustin and I am betting big bucks they will succeed in the complete destruction of Stephano Dimera. Go Ejustin!

Seriously, I can not wait for Ej to become the head of the Dimera empire with his samanthar by his side. So much power, so little time LOL.

Now to Sadrienne. I liked the their interaction today. there is so much potential there. LOL at Adrienne's snarky comment about Ejami's engagement. Got to say I love how Sami defended her relationship with Ej to Adrienne. I have a feeling Sami is going to have to defend her relationship to a whole lot of people specially her hypocrite relatives. That's all right, Sami is up to the task and Ej is so worth it.

Wilson were adorable today. These two are growing on me. I like Sony. I think he is a real catch. Will is lucky to have him. LOL at sonny's joke that the wabi baby will be just like Sami. The look on Will's face was just priceless. :laugh:

I have a hard time understanding why Kate is all tearful when this was supposed to be a fling. Whatever, get a grip woman! I agree with those who say that Stephano does not seem to give a fuck. I think Kate wishes stephano gave a damn. :lol:

Now on the best part of the show: I am falling in love with these two more and more everyday. They are so damn perfect for each other. I love how they totally get one another. The way that Ej accepts Sami warts and all is my everything. Ej seems totally unfazed whether Sami is stealing other people money, eavesdropping or making all kind of mess. I have always wanted that for Sami.

Speaking of Samantha, my girl can not seem to get enough of Ej Dimera, greedy bitch LOL. It is like she is making up for lost time. Can not really blame her though, Ej is all kind of delicious. So go ahead girl, get your freak on. :lol:
sami's relatives r hypocrites who among them is a rapist child kidnapper and a pension fund stealer while almost getting the apple of their eye johnny shot .oh what a dreamy guy. I like Justin but he needs to stay of this mess and sami doesn't have warts she is a cancer.i find it interesting that people want 2 rapist and kidnappers to be this great love affair .their chemistry is forced its painful to watch them in scenes. Stefano will wipe the floor with ej and he'll snivel and beg faaaaather forgiveness' the twisted thing is were supposed to believe all of this sex is passion and its not sami uses sex like a construction worker uses a hammer and nail .it shows u just how empty sami is and sooner or later ej 's going to all her ass on tryin to manipulate him with it.i luv will and sonny but will is to immature to be in a relationship with anyone he should be stopping nick's ass on a daily basis.its not everyone else its will he needs to man up. luv the moment between j and a want more.kate 's fear of Stefano should be taken seriously its not about him caring about her and rafe he would hurt anyone to punish her.
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