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Sammie Jo
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May 3 2013, 11:09 PM
May 3 2013, 10:57 PM
Michael made a remark about pedophiles having mustaches or something like that and a fan tweeted it to Eric Braeden who took offense to it and thought Michael was talking about him. It got ugly after that. He said Michael was walking on very thin ice and is an insecure boy and Michael responded he was on solid ground and said Erics tweets were the mutterings of an insecure old man. I'm guessing that set will be really interesting come Monday.
WHOA!! They really don't like each other at all. IMO it may be some things going on the set bc, why would EB take offence thinking MM
was talking abt him? Well, anyhow MM is very arrogant. He thinks he's on solid ground, but if he's going up against EB he is asking for trouble.
EB will bring him down a few pegs, he doesn't take crap from folks.

I guess he took offense because he said pedophiles have mustaches, he may not have been talking about EB but he sure should have said, EXCEPT for EB! LOL
It would be hysterical if the writers made him grow a stache! lol
I was under the impression they liked each other a couple of years back, maybe not.
I bet Josh Morrow isn't too thrilled either, it was a pretty stupid thing to say.
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