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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: David Cherrill

Segment 1: When Kate tells Rafe it's over he suggests going back to his place, talking it out and seeing what happens. Kate - Sorry, no. Rafe - Do I at least get a reason why. Right, Stefano. What did Stefano do? Come on, just tell me. Kate - It has absolutely nothing to do with Stefano. Rafe - Really? Kate - It's just that we've been together for a little while now and frankly it got a little serious. I never wanted anything like that so I'm ending it. That's just the way it's going to have to be. Rafe - I'm not buying it, not for one second.

Stefano is on the bench in the park. He thanks Ofc Bernardi for coming. I need your assistance. The Salem PD has certain evidence locked up in their evidence room. I want you to make it disappear. Eavesdropping Sami pumps her fist. Stefano - This is the file # of the case. And the evidence pertains to the person who shot my son Elvis years ago. Ofc B remembers this. It was one of the Hortons. He did a stretch up in Statesville. Stefano - I want all the evidence on this case, clear? Ofc B - I hate to say it Mr. DiMera but I can't do it. Stefano - Do I have to explain to you about people on my payroll who say no to me. Ofc B - Believe me, I would get that evidence to you if I could. Stefano - Then do it! Ofc B - The thing is your son got himself shot a long time ago and when a case has been closed for more than 4 yrs, the evidence goes into a secure lockup. Maybe I can pull a few strings and get myself inside somehow. Stefano - Excellent. Ofc B - So you want me to find the file on your son's shooting and then destroy everything in the box, right? Stefano - Wrong. I want to destroy nothing. Sami doesn't look happy.

Sonny brings Will a little something to keep him up all night so they can celebrate. Will doesn't know if they should celebrate just yet but today has been a great day. Sonny - Yeah, you said Stefano agreed to get the police evidence. Will - And you deleted my confession off of Nick's computer. Sonny - Don't forget the backup drive. Seriously tomorrow is going to be an amazing day. Adrienne asks - Why's that? What's happening tomorrow?

Gabi tells Nick to stay away from her. Nick - Just listen to me. The reason I had to go out ... Gabi - I don't care why you had to go out. My God, Nick, look at yourself in the mirror; look what you did to our room. You've been acting weird for days. Maggie can see it, my brother can see it, I can see it. This is the only chance I am going to give you to explain everything, and I mean everything, or I am leaving.

Repeat of EJ's statement to persons unknown. Of his vow to bring about the total destruction of Stefano DiMera Justin starts laughing. Really! Wow! You want to destroy Stefano Dimera. He laughs again. That's just fantastic! He continues laughing. It's hysterical ... LOL! EJ - I'm glad I brought some amusement to your evening. Justin continues laughing as he wipes his eyes. EJ, I have to admit that destroying Stefano ... uh ... I can see you're serious. EJ - Oh, I'm very serious. I intend to dismantle DiMera Enterprises and all of it's subsiduaries placing them fully under my control. My target date is mid-summer. Justin - That's ... EJ - Eminently doable. Justin - You do realise you're telling this to a Kiriakis. EJ - Yes, but I believe I found precisely the right person to help me.

Segment 2: Gabi - First thing I want to know is what happened in here. Why in the world would you do this to our room. Nick recalls searching for the money. Nick - The project I've been killing myself over, the one for Kate ... Mad World ... Gabi - I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about what happened in this room. Nick - I know. I lost this flashdrive with all of my work on it. All of it, the formula, everything. Gabi - Nick, you backup everything. Nick - The backup crashed. That's why I went crazy looking for the flashdrive but I found it. I was an idiot. I had left it at work. That's why I went so crazy before and that's why I was acting weird. Gabi - Why don't you just tell me this kind of stuff? Nick - You're under so much stress right now I figured you didn't need to hear about my stupid work problems. Gabi - So you just shut me out, is that how it's going to be. Nick - No, I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry. I was wrong. You were right. We do need to talk more about everything but you have to know how much I love you. You have to know that. Let's go get a bite to eat and we'll talk about everything. I will not hold anything back, I promise you that. We'll make this work because we love each other. He hugs her.

Will says tomorrow is just another day. Adrienne's not buying that. Does it have to do with the baby? I know it was hard for you to give up your parental rights. Will - It really was but I think things are going to start turning around. He gets a call saying it's from a guy at school and a project they're working on. He gets up to take the call. Sonny - What you did helping me out ... Adrienne - I almost had a heart attack. I knew you and Sami were in Nick's room. I tried to keep him out but he just went in. Sonny - We were lucky. He never knew we were there and now things might just work out. Adrienne - What things? Sonny - Can we just not talk about it. Adrienne - This is frustrating. I want you to tell me as soon as you can please. Sonny will. Why are you here? I thought you and Dad were going out to dinner. Adrienne - We were but he got called into a very mysterious meeting. Sonny - Is everything okay? Adrienne - I hope so.

Justin - EJ, you have a whole gaggle of attornies working for you, why not use them? EJ - Because they all have ties. Justin - To your father. EJ - And if there were to be a leak ... Justin - If a Kiriakis is handling the paperwork it must be a Kiriakis project and no one would ever point to you. EJ - Precisely. Justin - I just have one question though. What makes you think I would even consider doing this? EJ - Because whatever it is you think of me, you think worse of my father. Just imagine for a moment being the Kiriakis who helped to take down the great Stefano DiMera. I think that's too exciting for you to turn down, don't you?

Ofc B - Mr DiMera, if I get into the evidence room and I find the evidence on your son's case, why don't I just destroy it? Stefano - Why is not your concern. You do just as you are told alright? You get all the evidence that is in that box and you bring it to me. Understood? Ofc B - Yes sir. As soon as I go on duty tomorrow I'll find a way to get into the evidence room and I'll bring it all to you. Stefano - Good. Go. Sami comes out of hiding when they leave. Stefano DiMera, what are up to now?

Segment 3: Kate - Whether you're buying what I'm saying or not, it's the truth and you're going to have to accept it. Rafe - So run this by me again. Somehow we got too involved ... Kate - I have certain goals and you and this involvement are getting in the way and I just can't have that. You're too much of a distraction. Rafe - I think you like it when I'm distracting you. Kate - It's just too much and it has to end now. It's not like we didn't discuss this in the beginning. It's not like we didn't know it would come to an end. Let's not even argue about it. Let's just tell the truth. Really, sooner or later, didn't you know this day would come?

Adrienne is telling Sonny and Will how she saw these baby clothes in a store window and she wanted to go in and buy everything. Will - I feel the same way but I wouldn't want to spoil my daughter in her first year of life anyway. Sonny - Why not, I think you should go for it. Sami comes in. Sonny tells Will they should go get the ladies some lattes. Sami - Thank you again for helping us out tonight. Adrienne - No problem. Still don't know what we were doing though ... and you're not going to tell me. Sami - Sorry. Adrienne - Of course you are. I helped Will; that's what counts. I'm thinking that now that we're kind of in the same boat maybe we should bury the hatchet. Will asks if they're pulling out each other's hair yet. Sonny - No, they're actually acting civil. Will - No way! Sonny - You never know. You and I might be the magic potion that brings them together. Sami - I'm willing to try. Adrienne shakes her hand - I always said you were ... she sees the engagement ring. OMG, it's true. You're crawling right back into EJ's bed.

Justin - EJ, why would you do this to your father? I thought you two decided to forgive and forget. EJ - My father can believe whatever he wants to about our little reunion. Justin - So obviously you are not forgiving him for disowning you. EJ - No and I never will. Justin - If you're expecting a decison tonight ... EJ - Not at all. I took the liberty of bringing you some paperwork to peruse. Hopefully that will help you make up your mind and you can give me an answer tomorrow morning. Justin - And we're clear on the fact that there is nothing illegal. EJ - Crystal. Justin - Good. EJ, I'm sorry, I just have to ask you, do you really want to do this? Your father tends to chew up enemies and spit them out very dead. If he ever gets wind of this ... EJ - My father is somewhat distracted at the moment so if I play my cards right and I have the right and talented people helping me, he will not even see this coming. He leaves.

Segment 4: Sami pulls her hand away. Adrienne - I'm sorry. That didn't come out the way I meant it to. Sami - I think it did but I don't care what you think. EJ and I are getting married and we're both very happy about it. Adrienne - Hopefully this time's the charm. It's three, right? Don't go getting offended, just some people ... Sonny and Will bring their lattes. Adrienne - So Sonny, why didn't you tell me that Sami and EJ are getting back in the saddle again? Sonny - I didn't really think that was something I should be telling people. Sami - Thank you Sonny but don't worry about being discreet. Now that your mom knows, everyone will. Will can I talk to you for a second. When they step away Sonny asks - Can't you try and be nice to her? Adrienne - I am. Sonny - No you're not. You're acting like she's marrying Jack the Ripper. Adrienne - Well she is, isn't she ... or at least Lord Voldemort. Sami - So I happened to overhear Stefano telling the cop he has on his payroll to get the evidence and the guy said he would do it. Will - You're telling me you followed Stefano. Sami - No, I happened to see him disappear around the corner and then I saw the cop following him so I followed him. Will - So you followed a cop, that's much better. Sami - The point is, as of tomorrow night you're officially off the hook. Isn't that what you wanted? Will - Absolutely. I want my rights back; just not so thrilled about Stefano being involved. Sami - You're right to be cautious but we need to focus on the positive. We need that evidence to disappear then we can relax and forget about it. Will - Do you really think that's going to happen. Sami - Of course. Why wouldn't it?

Justin gets a call. It's Adrienne. She's at Sonny's shop and was about to head home. Do you still want to eat out? Justin - Yeah. No. Let's go back to the house. We'll grab something there. Just don't be too late. He hangs up. He puts down the documents EJ brought him that he's been looking over. EJ, you just might pull this off.

Gabi is seated at on of the outdoor cafe's tables. Nick is further back. He calls Sami who is outside the coffeehouse. I really need what you stole from me. Sami - I think EJ made it pretty clear that you're to stay away from me and so in case you happen to be in one of your delusional phases and you think I'm going to have a sympathy attack for you, take some time and remember what you did to my son. She hangs up. She pulls out the envelope. God Nick, what are you doing with all this money.

Rafe - I know everything ends eventually Kate, but no, I didn't set a time limit on us. Kate - We both knew from the beginning that this would end. Rafe - Did we? Kate - Of course we did. It's better that it's ending this way rather than ending badly with one of us brokenhearted, right? What? Rafe - I just never ended a relationship this way. It's like cancelling a gym membership or changing your cell phone plan. Kate - The last thing I wanted was for you to think was that I was cold. Rafe - I don't. I get it, I think. So, friends ... he holds out his hand. Kate - I never exactly thought we were friends but I guess now we actually are. She places her hand in his. He kisses her hand and then leaves. Kate mutters - Damn you Stefano. Damn you.

Segment 5: Rafe walks up to Will in the coffeehouse. How's it going? Will - It's going good. Listen if you're here to talk to me about what Grandma did with the legal papers ... Rafe - No. It's done. You might as well know that Kate and I called things off tonight. Will - Oh. I'm sorry. I don't know if that's a bad thing ... Rafe - Her call. Listen there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. I know it's kind of a touchy subject but what happened with you and Nick. Can you tell me?

Nick brings Gabi some yogurt and some olives. He asks if she spotted any of the constellations. Gabi - There's too much light in the cafe. She eats some of the other food she has in front of her. So delicious! Lately everything tastes so good. She sees him looking at her. Do I have something on my face? Nick - No, sorry, I didn't mean to stare. Sometimes I get caught up in how great things are in the moment. Gabi, I just want you to know and remember that no matter what happens I'll always cherish every moment that we had together. Gabi - Nick, why are you talking like this.

Adrienne finds Justin in the living room of the K mansion. Who are you and what are you doing in this house? Justin - Honey, I'm so sorry I ruined our plans for tonight. Adrienne was just going to heat up some slices and watch Carson Daly. Would you like to join me? She notices how distracted he is. Is your mind still on that mysterious meeting. Do I get the juicy details? Justin - Sorry, I can't talk about it. Adrienne - Really, that secret? Justin - No I can't talk about it because when I walked into this house a beautiful woman invited me up to her bedroom with the promise of pizza and television no less. So who cares about some silly business meeting. They kiss.

EJ is in the living room of the Di mansion. He raises a glass to Stefano's portrait. To the past, all yours. And to the future, all mine. Sami comes in and asks where Stefano is. EJ - Probably video-chatting with Cicely. Are you okay? Sami wants sex.

Segment 6: Gabi - Tell me. What's wrong? Why would you say something like that. Nick - I'm sorry. I was trying to be poetic telling you how special you are to me. It came out totally sounding really weird. Seriously, nothing's wrong. What I was trying to say is that I'm really glad we talked. I can see things more clearly now. I can see what's important. Gabi - And that's? Nick - You, us, always.

Will - Like you said it's kind of a touchy subject. Sonny brings over Rafe's coffee. Something wrong? Rafe - I was asking Will about Nick, trying to find out what the hell happened between them. Will - Let's just leave Sonny out of it. Sonny - No, it's cool. He's just watching out for Gabi. Rafe - Who btw, hasn't been happy lately. Sonny - And your guess is because of Nick. Rafe - I don't want to guess. I want to know. I tried talking to Nick and you actually came up Will. Will - Is he blaming me for Gabi being unhappy? Rafe - No, he's not. Actually I mentioned your name because I know Gabi wants you to be part of this baby's life. The second I did he got really tense. So is there a major problem between you two? Silence. Rafe - Okay. I got my answer. Do you want to tell me what it is? Will - Umm ... I can't really get into it now. Rafe pays Sonny for the coffee. Thanks. He's going to leave but he goes back to Will. Just tell me this then, when you signed your rights away was it because of the stuff Sami was doing or was it something else? Will nods - Something. Rafe - Okay, I have my answer. He leaves.

Stefano is at home in the living room. Kate calls him. I'm going to make this short. I'm not sure what you thought you knew but whatever it was, it's over. Understood. Stefano laughs. Katerina, what makes you think I even care. Kate - Goodbye. Stefano smiles.

Sami and EJ are in bed. She tells EJ that she eavesdropped on Stefano and the dirty cop. Stefano made it clear that he wants the evidence brought to him, not destroyed. Obviously Stefano wants to have it so he can have power over us. EJ - Possibly, it fits the pattern. Sami - He wants to have that evidence so he can use it against us whenever he feels like it. EJ - We've always known that the only person Stefano DiMera really looks out for is Stefano DiMera.

Segment 7: Rafe is in the square looking at a window display of Mad World products. He recalls the morning after his first hookup with Kate.

Outside the Brady Pub Kate recalls making love with Rafe. Sorry, I had to, but we sure were good.

Sonny asks Will if he's feeling better. Come on, Will, this is called a victory. He doesn't have the confession to hold over your head anymore. You should be flying right now. Will - Excuse me but I'm a little superstitious. Sonny - You're afraid if we celebrate early, you're going to jinx it. Will - Yeah. Can you imagine us having a normal life without any problems, no blackmail, no threats? Sonny - Until little Arianna Grace comes along and wreaks total havoc. You know she's going to be just like your mom, right? Will - Oh no! He laughs. Sonny - I haven't heard you laugh like in a long time - not since Nick pulled that stunt. Will - Maybe I am celebrating then. Sonny - You deserve it. Will - No, we deserve it. They kiss and hug.

Nick and Gabi return to their bedroom. Oh this bedroom ... Nick - Don't think about it. Go into the bathroom and change into your PJ's. I'll take care of it. Gabi will help him. Nick - No bending and lifting for you Mama ... PJ's. Shje goes to change. Nick reads a text from Vargas. Hope you're taking good care of my money Nicky.

Downstairs Adrienne - Oh my gosh, before I forget to tell you, Will and Sonny seem perfectly cool with the whole Sami / EJ thing. Can you believe it? It's like I was the only one there who could see how disgusting it was ... Sami crawling back into EJ's bed. Justin?? Justin - What? Adrienne - Oh oh. When some mysterious meeting sends you off into another world like this it means it's something really big. Which also means it's something your really, really dread or something you're really, really excited about. So which is it baby? Justin - I'm not sure.

Sami whines and complains about Stefano having power over her son. EJ asks if she told Will about Stefano holding on to the evidence. Of course not. EJ - Why don't you let me take care of that bastard.
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