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Poker Face
May 4 2013, 11:09 AM
I'm not defending Tomsell no way, but this is NOT the FIRST time that John has been treating Marlena like SHIT! he did it also in 2000-2001, when he was busy rushing over Hope's side whenever she had a fit and complained that Bo wasn't around, helping her out with JT.

And now AGAIN John is doing the same, tossing Marlena ASIDE and focus on saving that jackass of his son.
:hail: john has been an ass to marlena for years nothin new . and the more the fans complain or the i'm not gonna watch until ..... its not going to get better not in that sense . from the moment jandm were free to love in may of 98 he has had a pattern greta, gina then hope and brady then it was basic black/isa tony kate ava there is always something or some reason for his stupid shit. i'm sorry but I don't want him near marlena he doesn't deserve her. i'm sick of him taking her for granted because as jacked up as his plan with Kristen is ya'll now that somewhere he believes she'll take him back. and if she does and doesn't make him Earn her than i'm done. ok ya'll can throw things at me now ;)
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