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Lulu and Dante are much more interesting apart than as a couple. Right now Dante is rightfully concerned about his wife, but he is so heavy handed about his concern that Lulu is becoming a sympathetic character for me. She has never been so before.

I find it highly suspect that Maxie had a miscarriage and then got pregnant again in the same night. Britt could very well have implanted one of the Lanta embryos in herself. Guess she is another character who cares nothing about collateral damage. I find Britt totally unlikeable. I don't care that her mother is a super bitch without any motherly feelings for her offspring. I definitely don't want Patrick ensnared in her nasty web.

Regarding Carly and AJ: they are their own worst enemy. Neither is competent enough to be let out alone. I am really getting tired of the "Let's tear down AJ" party. I want a redeemed AJ who finally gets the gold ring. I want Carly and Tracy to have to face the results of the chaos they have each wreaked in AJ's life. The show needs a hero not another loser, not another victim of Carly's and Tracy's self-severing agendas. Are there any good guys left on the show other than Patrick? Nicolas is ever going to be using some underhanded activities to get what he wants. Lante? He's already taken. The show needs some good guys and white hats (and they might as well be gorgeous too).

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