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May 4 2013, 04:29 PM
So Muhney continued to piss at the mouth I see.
He set this stage from jump had his condescending ass in interviews and social media saying stank shit like complaining about lack of screen-time, complained about bloated cast, bitched about Sham being drop for Shictor so why wouldn't Mr. Braeden immediately believe such a remark was directed at him?. (Oh but his tweet Kelly copied above said he "cares what his costars think" right) LIAR!
I turn my nose every time this self anointed prick is refereed as having a "Healthy Ego" REALLY?..HA! What a ton of BS, people with Healthy Egos lift their peers up not tear into them take the GH actor (forgive me don't know his name off top) had no hand against MM but what that idiot do last year when the gentleman received his award, run his futile mouth is what then per usual ends up backtracking over his stupidity.
Yeah when he RT I don't care what the world thinks, I think he does bc he blocked more people, that were talking about him and they didn't even use his twitter handle so how did he find them? lol

and the "I care about what my costars think", well then why did he reply to Eric like that? didnt he know, he would've made things worse?? now it's gonna be tense when they go to work for sure.
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