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May 4 2013, 03:10 PM
May 4 2013, 09:31 AM
AM I missing something about Rafe ? why is there so much hate for Rafe ? is it because he is a good guy( he has done some bad things) but not as bad as EJ (which I love him being bad), I try to watch DOOL every day but over the last few years I have missed some, just wondering why Hate Rafe ?
Cuz he's a smug, hypocritical, douchebag.

He's holier than thou, but only when it suits him. He's an officer of the law, but helped cover up Sami's attempted murder of EJ, drew up fake adoption papers for the baby he thought to be Sami and EJ's, (planning to go along with Sami in keeping EJ's child away from him), lied (along with Nicole) about the paternity of EJ and Nicole's baby AND he knows his sister is responsible for hiring a crazy psycho (to stalk Melame) who ended up blowing up half of Salem leaving Jack and Madison dead, but did nothing.

Rafe wants everyone to uphold the law...except for himself and anyone he's close to. That's why many of us have Rafe hate.

And to say its just about EJAMI is wrong, cause I like Lucas just fine.
Based on this description,Sami and Rafe are peas in a pod.Sami is also a smug hypocritcal douchebag,if women can be douchebags although I have never seen a female character referred to as a "douchebag",however I digress.She is holier than thou when it suits her.That tramp was on her back faster than you can say "griefsex" then slapped Carrie (and I think Rafe) over a kiss talking that nonsense about how they were much worse than she by kissing after she threw open her legs for EJ all the while giving Marlena hell over her indiscretion with John.Sami actually attempted to murder EJ and went along with Rafe adopting who she thought was EJ's baby planning to keep EJ's child from him.Sami told Rafe if he would admit that EJ was the father of Nicole's baby,she would help him and Nicole to deceive EJ as to the true paternity of EJ's help although Rafe was smart enough not to trust her with the truth.Gabi hired Andrew to pretend to stalk her,not to stalk Melanie.Gabi tried to get Andrew to let Melanie go and when she threated to report Andrew,he successfully blackmailed Gabi to stop her from doing so by using the recording he made of their conversation showing she knew he had kidnapped Melanie.Gabi went into the tunnels to try to rescue Melanie .The explosion was an unintened consequence of Gabi's plan in hiring Andrew to pretend to stalk her so she could get close to Chad.Sami was so sorry she shot EJ in the head,she wanted him taken off life support.Since Rafe covered up Sami's deliberate attempt to murder EJ by shooting him in the head,he could hardly do less for his sister.I like Rafe's hero complex.I would have thought him a douchebag ,if he threw Gabi under the bus after all he did for Sami,the tramp who cheated on him with a man who hurt her enough to cause her to want to kill him,hurt Rafe by locking him in the basement.Roman,Hope,Beau,and others have covered for friends and relatives.These are the reasons I don't hate the Rafe character but I am slightly repulsed by Sami.
P.S.Lucas is not and has not been a threat to the Sami/EJ relationship in quite a while although the shadow of a Rafe/Sami reunion hovers over EJ/Sami.
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