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May 4 2013, 07:31 PM
May 4 2013, 05:27 PM
I can't believe Rafe is going to be in the hospital for nearly three months?!?! If so, he's got to be in a coma for quite awhile, since i assume he won't do three months of scenes from his hospital bed. It makes me think CS couldn't start right away, so they decided to keep Rafe in a coma for awhile until his PT could arrive.
Seriously I told ya'll that Rafe was going to be in a coma for months....some of you didn't believe me...you should really start believing me you know ;)
well Stefano is not making Sami sleep with Rafe to break up RATE/EJAMI, so not quite but seriously, how do we know he is OOC all of this time?

Dang I hate that he's in the hospital so long. I hope she stays in jail as long as he is stuck in the hospital..and I hope they never show her and she gets backburned, and EJ gets with Nicole while Sami is away the kids start saying they want to always live with Nicole and not go back with Sami.....WOW!!

from what we know, AS taped five days the week this script is from, so its Sami and EJ against the world :cheer: James wasn't kidding when he said Sweevil EJAMI is coming :wub2:
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