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May 4 2013, 03:18 PM
May 4 2013, 03:10 PM
May 4 2013, 09:31 AM
AM I missing something about Rafe ? why is there so much hate for Rafe ? is it because he is a good guy( he has done some bad things) but not as bad as EJ (which I love him being bad), I try to watch DOOL every day but over the last few years I have missed some, just wondering why Hate Rafe ?
Cuz he's a smug, hypocritical, douchebag.

He's holier than thou, but only when it suits him. He's an officer of the law, but helped cover up Sami's attempted murder of EJ, drew up fake adoption papers for the baby he thought to be Sami and EJ's, (planning to go along with Sami in keeping EJ's child away from him), lied (along with Nicole) about the paternity of EJ and Nicole's baby AND he knows his sister is responsible for hiring a crazy psycho (to stalk Melame) who ended up blowing up half of Salem leaving Jack and Madison dead, but did nothing.

Rafe wants everyone to uphold the law...except for himself and anyone he's close to. That's why many of us have Rafe hate.

And to say its just about EJAMI is wrong, cause I like Lucas just fine.
I used to dislike rafe and I'm ej and Nicole more than anything else.
But now that he's free from the Sami virus I find myself liking him more.

Conversely now that ej has the Sami virus I find myself disliking ej more.

The only male who seems to be able to be able to withstand the smugness that seems to come with being Samos current bed partner seems to be Lucas.
I am, too, and I'm weird in that (unless it's Sami or Fetch or someone shoved to the forefront that I feel has no real acting ability), the more a character gets insulted on the board, the more likely I am to root for them! Maybe it's the underdog issue. I dunno. There were times when I didn't like him, but I find him tolerable now, and I enjoyed the Kate/Rafe dynamic. And I will readily admit that's my weird prejudice!
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