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I really hope JJ whips out a chainsaw and hacks Danifer to mushy goo splattered all over the HTS.

Sami. Please. Stop. I love Ali Sweeney, but if they put Sami in a coma tomorrow and left her there for six months (and matured her character!!!) I'd be a happy camper.

Go away, Fauxman.

Marlena, time for you to get mad. I mean PISSED THE HELL OFF and form your OWN plan. Stop being a doormat & tell John to go back to his hotel room while you clean up the mess. Go tell Brainless exactly what Kritter and her family have done to you, his FATHER, his aunts & uncles, siblings, etc, then tell him in no uncertain terms that he needs to wipe the drool from his chin & wake up. If he goes back to the bitch, he gets what he deserves. Then go on a date or two with a couple of smokin hotties from the strip club and let John get good & jealous before you make him earn your love back.

EJ/Justin, Sami/Will, Rafe/Kate...I'm sure Stefano has plenty of goons to inform him of whomever is planning what & will squash them all like bugs when the time comes. He is, after all, The Phoenix. Still, the whole schadenfreude angle is fun to watch.

I'd really rather watch WilSon out maneuver Stefano via computers & modern technology - something that Stefano isn't familiar with - and one-up him...then get full custody of the baby & raise her. Nick isn't fit to raise a fish & Gabi is almost as stupid as Brady lately.

Go away, Fauxman. Yeah, I said it twice cause I hate him that much.
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