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May 4 2013, 04:47 PM
May 4 2013, 06:34 AM
May 4 2013, 01:30 AM
To settle this matter once and for all: page 5, right at the top.

While there is no age cap on Lead and Supporting categories, the wording implies that so long as you're under 25, you submit in the Younger Acting categories.

The only time where you can choose your category is when you turn 26 half-way through the year (which happens to everyone, except people born on January 1st). But, if you go Younger, you can only submit material up to your birthday.

Nothing in the wording even implies that. All that it says is that the material for which you submit must have occurred while you were 25 and under and you or your show must provide proof of your age. That's it. There's NOTHING in there that says you HAVE to submit in Younger if you fall within that age category, nor anything that implies it.

I was wrong about Julie Berman, that I admit. But I'm not wrong about there being NO rule that tells any actor where they HAVE to submit their name.
Common sense is common sense. If you dont meet the eligibility requirements, u simply CANNOT compete in the Lead/Supporting categories. And your comment about Bryton McClure was absolutely ridiculous, btw.
Let's just drop this argument, shall we? I mean, if you look at things objectively, you see that Younger Actresses would never submit themselves in Supporting and Lead categories even if they could because they do not stand a snowball's chance in hell there. A Judi Evans scenario occurrs once in a lifetime. Otherwise, a 20-year-old newcomer could never win against an actress 30 years older than her who portrays her mother or even grandmother. That's why the Younger Acting categories were set up; to give "soap kids" recognition they couldn't get if competing in other categories.
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