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Hope/Patrick is a bad example. Hope only slept with Patrick after finding Bo & Billie in bed together & getting emails from Bo (or at least she thought they were from Bo) saying that he wanted a divorce. I wouldn't consider them having sex on the beach as "Hope cheating on Bo".
Well, first of all...........I never considered THAT type of cheating. I just meant as in a game. Dang, I didn't want to start another Sami versus the world discussion.

Second, back to the other cheating..........I don't understand why Hope and Marlena would be exempt. Cheating is cheating. Whether your feelings are hurt or not. Cheating is when you are in a committed or legal relationship and you fling around. Doesn't matter if you caught them first.

Back to your regularly scheduled "World of Sami". :blulaugh:
Marlena doesn't get a pass. Hope technically did cheat on Bo, but there were extenuating circumstances that lead her to do so. Outside of that one time with Patrick, she's never been unfaithful, which can't really be said about anyone else in Salem. (& Hope "cheating" on Larry with Bo doesn't really count since she was forced to marry Larry, & he was sleeping with Gwen just as much, if not more.)
Hope didn't sleep with Patrick because she thought Bo had slept with Billie. She slept with Patrick after "Bo" told her he wanted a divorce & she threw her wedding ring into the ocean. So while she was technically still legally married, she believed her marriage was over. Marlena cheated on John while still very much with Roman. Sami slept with EJ while still very much with Rafe. (and interchange those two names with the various other men combos from over the years).
And Marlena's also suffered the consequences of what she did for... how many years has it been since it happened now? 20 in real time, how many in Salem time?
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