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May 5 2013, 08:00 AM
The Scorpion
May 5 2013, 07:55 AM
May 3 2013, 08:42 AM
I can only hope that we will be shocked by Rafe dying! Yeah, could never get that lucky. Like many others just hoping he's at least in a coma all summer. It will be like a summer vacation for viewers. Anytime I get to go a day without hearing his pompous, judgmental, hypocritical mouth is a good day of Days for me. At least we will see more Ejami if they are discussing this. All I really care about is that EJ and Sami stay together and from every interview and fan event all signs point to yes.
So true :) I'm so damn tired of seeing this uninteresting character who sucks screen time ever since the beginning of this character. Would rather have seen a more flawed character and an actor with stage presence. Sorry but it seems to be only in soaps as mediocre can exist. Back to topic going to be interesting to see Sami and EJ on friday their conversation will probably be topnotch as always.
it subjective thing
lot can say the same thing about ej
Totally agree here. Heck, it boggles my mind that AS is the center of the show when IMO she has an emotional range of stomping, snorting, and smirking. Talk about limited - she doesn't even leave the "s" on the dictionary page. Still, not wishing for her to be killed off because she does have her fans. Struck mute, maybe?
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