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May 5 2013, 03:15 AM
May 4 2013, 06:11 PM
MM really thinks Adam is gonna be the next Victor (I guess Victor must not be that bad since Adam WANTS to be the next one) take over and he's bashed EB to his fans before.
MM not only thinks he is going to be the next Victor. He already things that he is the hottest man on the show an also that he is Mr. YnR. He thinks his scenes and presence are the most wanted on the show. I for one would be happy not to see the ego maniac again. Would suit me just fine. The show would go on with out him. EB has more class and talent in his little finger then MM has in his entire body. The man is nothing but a Victor Wannabe and never will be as good a actor or villian as EB is. MM is talented but when you open your fucking mouth too much critizing people that wear moustash's you may find yourself out of a job quicker then you think. The contract MM signed makes him think he is safe from being let go. That contract only guarantees that MM will be there when he is supposed to be and HE cannot break his contract but Sony can fire him anytime they want to. They signed Vincent to a 2 year contract and 2 months later the execs fired him.
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