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ahhhh... thanks. what is this Nabi kidnapping business? is that a spoiler, or a rumor? (i typically don't retain anything that's not related to Hope.)
There is an anon that was giving spoiler to this tumblr: http://willxsonny.tumblr.com/post/49115739532/hey-guys-if-you-remember-awhile-back-i-got-a

ok. so the shooting & labor is the aftermath of Jensen/Nabi.
It looks like Wilson witness Nabi being kidnapped by Jensen, follow them to try to rescue and probably send Hope a message on where to find them otherwise how would she know where to show up. Will manages to rescue Gabi but goes back for Nick. I think Sonny goes with Gabi to help her I guess and she goes into labor. So I think the Will/Jensen struggling over the gun and Will getting shot and Sonny delivering the baby is probably happening around the same time and place but in different parts on where Nabi was being held. Anyways, that is what I gather from the spoilers.
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