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May 5 2013, 06:48 PM
I wonder if Will ends up paralyzed due to the gunshot wound? That would cause some drama for WilSon, and Sonny might be quite pissed at Nick if Sonny blames Nick for Will getting shot. Sonny might turn to Victor for help in getting revenge on Nick, which would cause tension in Victor and Maggie's marriage.

I think that Will's getting shot will be part of a larger umbrella storyline connected to the DiMera and Kiriakis families. EJ might want revenge on Stefano because it was Stefano's goon that shot Will. And Victor might want revenge on Stefano because Jensen put Sonny in danger. And Adrienne could want Sonny to stay away from Will because Adrienne thinks that being around Will is dangerous for Sonny.

In any event, this storyline should give Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith some excellent scenes to submit for next year's Emmys. The storyline will probably also give Blake Berris some awesome Emmy-worthy scenes. (Blake Berris was totally robbed the year that Darin Brooks won the Emmy.)
Judy also did that interview recently in SOD where he said that Adrienne has a lot of stuff coming up with Sonny in June and into July where she is really there for Sonny. That would signal there is a lot of fallout from whatever happens and Sonny is heavily involved. So maybe Will is seriously hurt for a while.

I also think maybe Will gets paralyzed. It just seems so cliche with gay characters so not sure how I feel about it. Maybe like you said it starts a feud between families where Sonny does take his inner kiriakis and wants revenge. Also it seems Sami will probably be blamed which pins Adrienne against Sami.
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