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TC answered questions to fans about GH and TLG.


Q: How does it feel to be back on GH?
A: With the new story with Elizabeth it's been amazing. Very different energy this time around.

Q: Tyler, we're so happy to see you back on GH. How surprised are you at the growing popularity of Niz & where do you stand w/ them?
A: I'm not surprised at all, I always thought it was great but two years we were acting against a stacked deck.

Q: What made you want to return to GH?
A: I felt that I left two abruptly and was eager to see how things would go under the new regime

Q: If TLG comes back, can you do both shows?
A: that is the plan.

Q: Which of your scenes, since you have been back, have you enjoying doing the most?
A: There's a group of scenes coming up in the next couple weeks with Elizabeth that really defines his feelings for her

Q: Good evening Tyler. Will Sam and Nikolas be sharing scenes anytime soon? #GH
A: nothing in scripts that I have so far.

Q: what would you like to see in the future for your character?
A: I'd like to see him get back to the Cassadine roots, engage in a power struggle with some of the other characters

Q: How have you been liking your return on GH? And are we going to get anything with Nick and Lulu?
A: return has been the most fun I've had since joining the show and Nik and Lulu scenes are coming up this week.

Q: Tyler where is Spencer? Love having you back on GH
A: Spencer is in Italy but will be coming in the next couple weeks with a new actor. His real name is Nikolas. He's a good actor

Q: How does it feel to be working with Genie Francis again? Will you be staying on #GH for the long haul? Love that you're back!
A: Working with Genie is a much welcome change of pace as we haven't had a chance to work together in a long long time.

Q: In your opinion what do you think has been the most defining moment of Nicolas's life from over the years?
A: I would think his last scene with Lucky, the one that Jonathan & I wrote together.

Q: Any light hearted moments coming up for Nik? The scenes with Liz & the pants were adorable. Also loved the Nik/AJ showdown
A: Nikolas continues to profess his feelings for Elizabeth everytime he sees her. Lots of humor surrounding the Pickle-Lila story

Q: will there be any good stuff w Nikolas, Laura and Luke! Love u and Tony doing the Cassadine/Spencer stuff
A: yes I know that Frank and Ron really like the Spencer/Cassadine interaction.

Q: This relish storyline..just..what are you thoughts about it?
A: The humor surrounding it is a nice contrast to the other story. It's a good gateway for Nikolas to show his Cassadine colors.

Q: how does it feel having scenes with a new LuLu now that JMB left the show?
A: Although it was sad Julie go literally the day I came back, Em has stepped in flawlessly.

Q: How do you like working with Jane Elliot?
A: I think Jane and I have great chemistry together. she is always challenging me and keeping me on my toes.

Q: Do you have any fan appearances in the future
A: yes I do. You can find them at my website http://tylerchristopher.com or at http://coastalentertainment.com

Q: Will Liz and Nik get a shot this time or teased? This Niz fan can't take no more teasing LOL
A: I think they have more than just a good shot this time around

Q: How was working with Robert Kelker-Kelly (Stavros)?
A: It was cool to be able have that interaction with Stavros and finally have some closure between the two characters.

Q: Tyler, we had so many great times. Just answer one of my damn questions
A: one

Q: Pepperoni or Cheese?
A: bbq chicken

Q: Are u going to be on TheChew Monday promoting pickle Eddie? #GH
A: No, it's just Tracy and AJ. My scenes take place backstage.

Q: Will Nik ever discuss Robin? I loved the Nik/Robin friendship. You and KMc were good acting partners #GH
A: I'm sure he will at some point. Too important not to

Q: How much do you get to adlib during your scenes on #GH? Do you always stick to the script?
A: there's not a lot of room for adlibbing because of the speed we film -every once in a while we throw in an extra line or 2

Q: I heard you are taping with #MichaelEaston. Can you give us any hints about that? How do you like working with him?
A: we had a very brief scene in the hospital

Q: do you find daytime shooting schedules harder than primetime?
A: it's 100 times faster than primetime. There's a lot of down time filming in primetime.

Q: how long does it take to create one episode of gh
A: less than 1 day. Very fast!

TC - I tried 2 answer as many ?s . If u would like to ask ?s about fitness and nutrition I'll be in the chatroom at http://greenprintlife.com
TC - Thanks for all the great questions, we'll do it again soon.

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