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just joey

May 4 2013, 10:18 AM
May 4 2013, 08:19 AM
Why would Thomas and Bill need to support Steffy and Liam? I wonder if Steffy loses the baby.. Usually that's how it is when couples are this happy over a child.. Anyway if she does I can imagine the freakouts...lol

Thank gawd I'm not wrapped up in ships watching B&B... I enjoy the show so much better... The only character that truly get on my nerves is Taylor.. Not saying she haven't been right about Brooke but I hate nosy people always up in somebody's business.

Taylor knows Brooke is nothing a narcissistic sociopath, who only cares for what she wants and lacks empathy and remorse for her behaviors, in other words, she will make up every excuse to justified her behavior( Katie told me to take Bill, She took off her rings, Katie was not being a sexual partner to Bill, I was lonely, ect., ). There only two ways to deal with a NS, expose them or death. NS will keep hurting people until they get what they want not matter who/what/when gets in their way. That why Brooke viewed Taylor as an obstacle to her destiny, Ridge.
Taylor wasn't the only that saw the writing on the wall, Steffy/Hope/Donna had their all their spider sense tingling regarding Brooke.
Yet Taylor keeps getting LOGAN FAN shit, for thinking the same way as KATIE DOES, about Brooke. Brookes sister DONNA also voiced her opinion to Katie , about Brooke. Yet Brooke keeps pushing Taylor , by trying to involve ERIC, in yet another one of Brookes schemes. :puke: :puke: Brooke needs a " GOOD OLD FASHION " TAR & FEATHER " from KATIE. :wtf: :wtf:
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