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The casting director (Allison Goodman, I believe) did a great job with both soaps. I think AJ and Miranda were perfectly cast and being written pretty much how I'd imagine them to be.

Jane has loads of potential. Hope we see more of her. Too bad the actress is recurring, though I don't see recurring/contract mattering too much since they don't go on episode guarantees.

I wanted a little more out of Bianca with Miranda but I kind of liked that it was left open. I think Eden has really been playing Bianca well and I enjoyed Miranda ripping the blouse. Plus anything with AJ/Miranda ... they're great together.

Angie telling everyone to shut up, then shutting down Jesse and her whole attitude with David was my everything today.

Cray cray Dixie is great. I loved everything about her today.

Solid episode.

Oh, Cara and David's kid so has to be alive.

Was kinda meh to Celia/Pete. I don't know. I'll give them time. Celia alone intrigues me and I think she might have a little crazy in her too, with that mirror scene. The actress is green but has a load of potential. Then there's the creepy dude she saw ...

But, seriously, a day off from them IS ok :whistle:
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