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Solid episode.

Nora and Clint both had really nice interactions with Natalie. I'm hopeful we see NATALIE and not Natalie's life based around a man. Glad she's working at the LPD still. Even though she was only there for John, IMO, same for BE so they could put her with Jared (who's death still kinda ticks me off). So I'm down to see how they handle Natalie. I think a lot of characters have been hurt over the years of being forced into pairings and having it be everything about them.

Matthew/Jeffrey were OK but I'm down for them to have a day off. I like both actors, they're great. Corbin fits it so well with the canvas. I see a lot of Eddie mannerisms in how Rob plays Matthew so I like that. Loved Clint 'reminding' Matthew and wanting to groom him again for BE. How convenient he needs a job, too. LOL. Of course.

Todd and David were fun but David can take a day off too lol. I loved him taping Todd without Todd knowing. And then Blair and Todd were great, but it bugs me because he just did this shit with Carly two months ago. I think Kassie and Roger played it well but I'm finding it hard to invest in Todd when all he does is screw up and then do the exact same thing to get people to forgive him. IDK. Just a minor gripe, honestly. LOL.

Victor poisoning Todd. LOL. Love it.

Jack/Dani, even in that brief scene, give off such a great brother/sister vibe. And I liked how Dani was acting today. She's like a dude with the guys and I love it. This character has benefited GREATLY from being off of ABC. Seriously. And Missal is playing it really well.

Tea seems so damn clingy but I guess I don't blame her. I still hate that her baby died on GH but I like that it clearly has affected her. More than they are delving into. I hope they go a little more into it.
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