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Daytime Emmy Nominee Interview: The Young and the Restless Jeff Branson!

What episode did you submit and why did you choose it?

JEFF: It was my best stuff. Josh Griffith (head writer, Y&R) wrote me out so quickly, to no fault of his own. Itís business. I think Maria Arena Bellís Young and the Restless might have asked me to extend my stay a little bit, because things were going so well with Ronan and Phyllis, and between the whole Nick thing. There was a great relationship being formed with Michael and Ronan. So there were good things going on. I think Jill Farren Phelps (EP, Y&R) had other plans. We never had a conversation about an extension. Again, a lot was going on, and no oneís at fault here. The ball can get dropped sometimes when you take over an entire show. I did not expect to be a first priority (Laughs). But they wrote me out so quick, that this material became so potent. It had to be so amped up. All of a sudden, he had this relationship with Phyllis. He helped her. He is breaking the law for her. He kept her out of jail. He is obviously falling in love with her and then obviously, itís done. They had to eek this out in a one day; so obviously with that drunken scene, it led to a higher emotional life than Ronan usually shows. Usually, Ronan is a very emotionally controlled character, but in these scenes it gave me the opportunity to show a little bit of the chops. In the scene, Ronan is drunk and he says he is tired of always hearing, ďNick, Nick, Nick. Nick is gone and out of the picture, and he is not coming back!Ē At the end of the scene, I took my six-pack with me! (Laughs) I will go have this party somewhere else then, dammit! (Laughs)

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