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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of May 13th
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May 7 2013, 09:55 AM
Monday May 13:

Rafe's brutally attacked and left for dead, but who did it?

Tuesday May 14:

While some speculate Nick's behind Rafe's attack, Hope has evidence that might implicate EJ.

Chad puts his heart on the line by asking Abigail if thereís still a chance for them.

Wednesday May 15:

Marlena asks John if he wants a divorce.

Thursday May 16:

JJ "accidentally" destroys something borrowed from Daniel.

Friday May 17:

Gabi and Hope challenge Samiís loyalty to EJ. Later, Sami asks EJ if heís responsible for Rafe's assault.

I love the theory that Ciara-of-the-Corn is the one who goes after Rafe. Maybe he refused her invite to a tea-party?

Speculation: Nick had someone beat up Rafe because Nick knows that will put Sami off her game & she's the one who took his loot, see.

Aww! Chabigail! I wish they'd give Kate Mansi a storyline - something that's NOT a love triangle. She's capable of far better, IMO.

Just cause Mar asks for a divorce...oh wait - they aren't even married? Epic fail on the part of the writers. JarlenaFTW. Go 'way, Fauxman. Brady, you're a doomed idiot. Kritter...ugh...go back whence you came.

Let me guess...JJ has very little back-story other than we know he's J&J's son, and he hates Daniel. That SHOULD be enough - Daniel is a manwhore, but seriously - what else do they have for this character other than to prop & pimp Danifer?

Sami's "loyalty" to EJ will last as long as he holds her purse & helps her name lipstick. The FIRST time she finds out he lies (lied...he already kinda did when he stole that MadWorld file from Nick's flash drive), she'll turn on him faster than ...uhh...something that turns fast. Sorry, Sami, but Elvis is too easy a mark to be set up for Rafe's attack. That thirty grand you swiped from Nick is gonna bite you on the fanny!!
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