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May 6 2013, 07:23 PM
I'm sorry. I don't care how gorgeous Nicholas is, but he is just so boring.

Sabrina of course starts to grow a backbone and it goes against her. Patrick is so gullible.

Maxie will never freakin' learn. Dear Lord please don't let this be a fake out and Ellie actually tells Spinelli! :pray: I know it is a stupid wish because I am sure it will be a fake out, but I can at least hope. This is the one storyline on this show that I just can't stand.

I'm so with you on Nikolas! I like the dark Cassadine thing to a certain extent, but I am over him making a play for women who are already involved. Emily was married to Zander when he went for her, Courtney was married to Jax when he "fell in love" with her and then his own brother was fair game when he started boinking Liz. In the romance department, he acts like a self-entitled prick who will go for whomever he wants no matter the circumstance. Over it! Find him a hot unattached women to go for and then we'll talk.

Patrick is an idiot and Britt picked the right dummy to fool. I have no clue how Patrick ever ended up with someone smart and mentally stable like Robin, when he attracts so many crazy psychos the rest of the time. I think that since Sabrina is young and has now been made hot, she should move on to someone less gullible.

I LMAO at Ellie's fantasy today that had Lulu shooting her. :roflol:

Regardless of the LnL scene today, I still think that they will end up together when GH ends. I don't care what anyone says, Luke has never looked at anyone the way he looks at her. That smile and those looks he gives her have never been given to Tracey, Holly, etc.
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