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Marlena and Belle-Mother and Daughter

As I sit here reading these ridiculous spoilers it actually makes me miss MarDar. I know they didn't have a lot of fans and weren't well liked. But I for one, actually liked them. They were never really given a chance to tell the stories they wanted to tell. NBC wasn't fair to them at all. I say I miss them because MarDar liked John and Marlena and wrote for them! They knew their characters, their history, and knew how to write for them. I loved John and Marlena under MarDar's tenure and I would take that John and Marlena any day over the John and Marlena we are seeing now. When MarDar were writing, John and Marlena had a house, they had a Christmas, John wasn't an asshole, and Marlena wasn't whatever TomSell are making her now. They were together, in love, and they were a team. They stood by each other, just like they always should and what they should be doing now. Marlena was there for John throughout his paralysis, and his jail time for extortion, Marlena even asked Stefano himself to help get John out of jail because of how much she loved him and believed in him.
If MarDar were still writing and they had to write Kristen's return, it would have been written so differently. John and Marlena would have stood together against Kristen and fought to stay together and bring her down again. They wouldn't be apart, John wouldn't be pushing her away, Marlena wouldn't have kept things from John regarding Kristen and she wouldn't have been insecure about John's love for her. She would have told John about Brady and Kristen right away, because she would have no doubts about John's love for her. They would trust each other.
I just never understood why Kristen always seems to have the upper hand in her schemes, even way back in 1996, and 1997. Is it too much to ask to let John and Marlena be a step ahead of her for once? I would watch that and be on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen, now I just want to fall asleep because the way John is handling Kristen now is absolutely retarded and totally out of character!
John would never push his soulmate away and wish her on her ex husband no matter what she had said or done! Because he loves her, always has and always will no matter what TomSell try to feed us. This garbage that they are feeding us now is absurd! This is the woman who has stood behind him through thick and thin and has even risked her life for him and vice versa, now all the sudden we are supposed to forget that? TomSell don't know John and Marlena or their history and can't write for them to save their lives! I hope that somewhere down the line there is a light at the end of the tunnel for John and Marlena, but I'm not going to hold my breath! I will never give up on J&M or their love but I have given up on TomSell and the fact that they just don't give a damn! :flipoff:
Okay I'm done. :soapbox: :redface:
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