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May 7 2013, 08:49 PM
Apr 27 2013, 01:51 AM

But wait a second, wasn't Hope supposed to have "her hands full" with a new character? I was hoping it would be Vargas. Looks like that was nixed to give Nicole (a favorite character of the morons running this stupid show) first dibs on him. :censored: Ugh.

Oh well, guess I'll just sit back and enjoy Ciara Of The Corn. :popcorn:
Actually, Nicole isn't a favorite by any means, but there seem to be quite a few people, at least on this board, that actually like her, unlike Fetch, who was constantly on. It's not like they've been throwing men at Nicole's feet up until now.
If Nicole is a favourite of the morons running this show I must be watching in an alternative universe. It certainly doesn't feel as though she's getting any favours.

Nicole and Vargas were showing slight signs of potential but that pretty much been ruined irrevocably now. I think Nicole's main role seems to be to make the male actors look desirable again. Instant redemption have a flirt with Nicole , appear to be charming then dump her and help your new woman kick the boot in on the way down.

Maybe Hope's new man is the next prisoner coming on the prisoner release scheme rather than vargas? Although soon we are going to have more ex cons than Drs.

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