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Monday ("Abduction")
Sonny and Will's plan to save Gabi and Nick backfires; Stefano overhears Kate revealing her feelings to an unconscious Rafe.

Tuesday ("Sami and Kate's Fight")
Sami and Kate have a huge altercation about Kate's involvement with Rafe; Abigail finds JJ hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Wednesday ("Gabi's Baby")
Sonny and Gabi worry that there is something wrong with the baby; EJ and Justin put their plan into motion.

Thursday ("Revenge")
John contemplates going through with his scheme; Sonny, Sami and Lucas sit by Will's bedside.

Friday ("The Shock For Marlena")
Brady realizes that Nicole has feelings for Eric; JJ loses control with Daniel.

**UPDATED 5/8**

National Enquirer Spoilers

Nick and Gabi find themselves in a dangerous situation

Things get more complicated when Gabi goes into labor

Willís life hangs in the balance

Kristen carries out her plans for revenge

Marlena receives a major shock

credit: jcren

**UPDATED 5/11**

Monday, May 20th
Sonny and Will try to rescue Gabi and Nick, who are being held captive on Smith Island; Hope learns the consequences of Ciara's deception; Stefano hears Kate confess her feelings for Rafe; Cameron asks Abigail about Chad.

Tuesday, May 21st
As Nick and Will try to escape Jensen, one of them is shot; Sami and Kate argue about Rafe; Jennifer decides to believe in J.J.

Wednesday, May 22nd
Sonny and Gabi worry something is wrong with the baby; Sami attacks Nick; E.J. and Justin finalize their scheme against Stefano; Kate talks to Sami about her relationship with Rafe.

Thursday, May 23rd
Kristen prepares to carry out her revenge scheme; John reconsiders following through with his plan; Johnny tells Marlena he did something wrong; Sonny, Sami and Lucas share a moment at the hospital; Abigail and J.J. argue.

Friday, May 24th
John and Kristen's struggle reaches the point of no return; Brady realizes how Nicole feels about Eric; J.J. lashes out; Eric receives troubling news.

Hope turns to Vargas for help when she learns the possible consequences of Ciaraís deception
An angry Stefano eavesdrops as Kate reveals her feelings to Rafe
Sonny struggles to help Gabi deliver the baby in a shed
EJ convinces Sami he didn't attack Rafe and they make passionate love.
Abigail and JJ argue about Daniel and Jack
Johnny studies the picture of Kristen and Sy
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