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May 8 2013, 11:27 AM
May 8 2013, 11:22 AM
RE: Who attacks Rafe

Look closely at this preview:


Look at the color of Nick's shirt when Rafe is confronting him. Then look at the color of the shirt of the person holding the pipe that knocks Rafe upside the head. Same shirt. It's Nick.

ETA: And if Sami is in jail in the next few months, I'm betting crazy ass Nick frames Sami for the beating.
I think you're right.

From that preview, it seems Nick attacks Rafe with a pipe that lands him in some sort of coma/whatever and then much later Rafe ends up in a fist-fight with someone else????

ETA: i don't agree with him framing Sami for the beating, that woman is well more than capable of getting into trouble on her own, she don't need Nick for that.
True BUT. Sami stole the money, which, in part, causes the whole kidnapping. I could easily see Nick blaming Sami for everything. Especially if Gabi leaves him after it. Nick has PLENTY of motivation to frame Sami for the attack. IF Nick is the one who attacks Rafe, he's going to have to throw the police off of his trail and put them onto someone else. So why not Sami.
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