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Jeanne Cooper has been, very much, on my mind. Thinking about other soaps...when they've reached a milestone, they've also lost a member of their 'TV family.' Shortly after SFT celebrated its 20th anniversary, Melba Rae suddenly died. The year that GL celebrated its 20th TV anniversary, the show lost Ed Zimmerman (Dr. Joe Werner) and Theo Goetz (Papa Bauer). Shortly after 'The Edge of Night' won its Emmy in 1973, the show's last original cast member, Walter Greaza died. I went to his funeral. I was 17 at the time. Shortly after moving to ABC, Edge's Associate Writer Grace Garment went missing, and was later found dead (a suicide by drowning). ATWT - A week after the show's 20th anniversary, Santos Ortega(Pa Hughes) died. Shortly after the show's 30th anniversary, Don McLaughlin (Christopher Hughes) died. Shortly after ATWT's 50th anniversary, Ben Hendrickson (Hal Munson) committed suicide. And, as we all know, Helen Wagner died just a month before the final taping. 'Another World' lost Douglass Watson around the time of their 25th anniversary. 'All My Children' - Shortly before the show's 25th anniversary, Fran Heflin died. Ruth Warrick died the year AMC celebrated its 35th anniversary on the air. Just before their final air date, Mary Fickett, the original Ruth Martin, died. Darlene Conley, B&B's Sally Spectra, died shortly before the show's 20th anniversary. The year that Days of Our Lives celebrated its 30th year on the air, the show lost MacDonald Carey (Dr. Tom Horton). Shortly after the show celebrated its 45th anniversary, Frances Reid (Alice Horton) died. Shortly after the cancellation notice for OLTL came, its long-time director David Pressman died. Y&R has just celebrated its 40th anniversary...We've lost our divine Katherine Chancellor. R.I.P. Jeanne Cooper

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