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Chandler knocks it out of the park in his reel. I'd be shocked if anyone beats him.

Freddie's reel is cute and capable, but nothing more. No wow factor.

Ari's reel is quite good, but I don't know if it will be good enough. I thought she had other episodes that might have been better to submit, but I could see other actress' reels being superior. One strike against her (IMO) is that in most of her scenes she doesn't even have an acting partner, it's just her.

If Peggy chooses the reel you're assuming, she might have more of a shot then I originally thought. She's really, really good. I think the edge will still go to Susan Flannery (because she's Susan Flannery after all), but I think those who were upset at Peggy's nomination might find themselves shocked on Emmy night. She's been in the acting industry for over 50 years, she has a Primetime Emmy, and she's been on Days for 30 years. All of that, plus a good reel, might garner her a Daytime Emmy after all.
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