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Wed CAN/Thurs US rediculous

Mike trying to get the truth from Lauren, she keeps trying to evade, Mike tells her she can't run away this time, are you cheating on me he demands. Lauren just keeps on lying as Michael puts more and more pressure on her to tell the truth, she finally screams if I am cheating on you who would blame me, Mike looks as though she hit him..He asks who it is, she won't tell him, he is angry knocks over the coffee table, says it's just as well he doesn't know who has had his hands on his wife, because he will not be responsible for his actions..

Carmine tells Dylan he can leave work early, Dylan has a date, Adam overhears asks Dylan if he and Chelsea share more than a kid now.

Chloe and Chelsea, Chelsea tells Chloe that Dylan is a stand up guy and she has to tell him the truth, Adam is the father, Avery shows up and asks, he needs to know the truth about what???

Avery pleads Dylan's case with Chelsea, tells her not to keep the baby away from him, he is a wonderful stand up guy, one of a kind, Chelsea asks her if she is sure that she is not still in love with him..

Nick looking at Avery's ring, Sharon shows up, Nick tells her about his date with Avery, it's kind of like a first date with her he says—they talk about Nick and Avery's broken engagement, and where Dylan fits into Avery's life, Nick says his feelings have to take a back seat, Sharon is upstairs with Faith when Adam shows up at Nick's trying to convince Nick to help with Newman, Nick refuses, Sharon comes down the stairs and Adam is surprised to see her there, Adam tells he he is looking for a maid, does she have any ideas, I'll let you know she answers, Nick asks Sharon what that was about, and he says, Sharon, please be careful, I don't want you to get hurt...

Chloe and Kevin discussing rich people and how they waste their money, she makes Kevin promise not to go stealing from them anymore. Later after watching a crime movie to see if it would spark up their love life, when Chloe leaves, Kevin looks on the internet at big estates that he can rob..

Adam at the penthouse, Sharon arrives in a maid's uniform, Adam is all smiles, as he and Sharon kiss..later they drink wine and talk about what Sharon wants to do about work, she tells him what Nick said about being careful with Adam, but she knows what she is doing, she says some things for her are crystal clear, other stuff is not, when she leaves she tells him she will need her air conditioning fixed, maybe by someone with an accent, he smiles and says he will see what he can do..

Nick at Avery's they are both nervous and apprehensive with each other.. Nick finds Dylan's dog tags still at Avery's, nothing much is settled between them when Nick goes home.

Dylan tells Chelsea about the baby he and Avery lost, he shows her the cradle he has designed and is making, she can't tell him the baby isn't his, they kiss as he is leaving..

Rest In Peace Jeanne Cooper!!
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