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May 8 2013, 02:53 AM
I love how quick everybody was to jump down Victoria Rowell's throat, but Jim got absolutely no backlash for doing the same thing. Rowell thought she was tweeting something thoughtful about a woman she's NEVER had a bad word about. Also the fact that the person who tweeted it had so many followers probably made it look real. I just can't fault Rowell for that. Even Corbin has had to write follow up posts because even what HE is posting makes it seem like his mother is dead! He posted yesterday and then followed up with, (paraphrasing) "Just so we're clear she's not dead."

If Rowell read BravoMaxine's tweets, then went to her sons page, it would seem like a done deal. It's an unfortunate situation, but I certainly am not going to use it to make Victoria Rowell out to be some monster. She's one of TONS of people who fell for that sick tweet.
If VR thought so much of Jeanne then why did she accuse Jeanne of being a racist in a interview. She did when she first left the show and loved jumping at the chance to say JC had died. At least it seemed that way. Why didn't she check out the story instead of jumping the gun so fast to report that JC had died? Because she is a ego seeking ego maniac.
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